Who we are

Board of Directors

The Board guides PSG's direction and connects PSG to local, regional, and state-wide smarter growth progress.

  • Andrew Moore, President*
  • Martha Wingfield, Vice President*
  • Mary Ashburn Pearson, Secretary
  • Treasurer, vacant
  • Champe Burnley
  • Frederick Fisher
  • David Ledbetter*
  • Trip Pollard
  • Stewart Schwartz

*Indicates Executive Committee Service

Honorary Board

The Honorary Board consists of those community members who have been integral to the progress of PSG and sustainability in the Richmond region.

  • Karl Bren
  • Lisa Guthrie
  • Laura Lafayette
  • Chris Miller
  • John Moeser
  • Bill Pantele
  • Charles Price
  • Von Tisdale

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council unites businesses, individuals, and organizations working together toward better planning.

  • Glen Besa
  • Shelli Jost Brady
  • Paul Costello
  • Nicole Anderson Ellis
  • Elliott Harrigan
  • Dan Holmes
  • Amy Howard
  • Jane Koontz
  • KC McGurren
  • Jeanne McNeil
  • Daniel Moore
  • Daniel Plaugher
  • Leighton Powell
  • Tara Quinn
  • Krista Mathis Samuels
  • John Sarvay
  • Richard Taylor
  • Michael Testerman
  • Jim Ukrop
  • Bud Vye
  • Barbara Williamson
  • Thad Williamson
  • Cathy Woodson
  • John Zeugner


Media Inquiries: 

President of the Board Andrew Moore and Policy Chair Stewart Schwartz speak most frequently on behalf of PSG. In addition to serving on PSG's board, Schwartz is the executive director of the D.C.-based Coalition for Smarter Growth and Moore is a principal at Glavé & Holmes Architecture. You can contact them at psg@psgrichmond.org or 804-876-2782.

Other board members speak on topics as they relate to the organizations they work for. Champe Burnley serves as the president of the Virginia Bicycling Federation. Trip Pollard is an attorney for the Southern Environmental Law Center. And Sally Schwitters is the executive director of Tricycle Urban Agriculture