Richmond Coliseum

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The Coliseum/Navy Hill redevelopment proposal in the heart of Downtown Richmond would be the largest economic development project in our city’s history. It is a complex proposal that needs thorough vetting. Our policy team is reviewing the proposal and will share our analysis and recommendations.  In the meantime, the following links contain a wealth of information about the project—including our August 2018 oped highlighting a number of concerns and recommendations.

October 7th: City Council and Navy Hill Development Work Session Audio

City of Richmond’s web page on Navy Hill redevelopment

For meeting minutes, upcoming events, and to provide feedback to the City of Richmond, please visit the resource page above.

Navy Hill Developers

A source of the latest designs, drafts, and a platform to provide feedback directly to the developer.

Stewart Schwartz column: Transparency matters in the Coliseum deal


Board Member and Policy Director, Stewart Schwartz, discusses issues with Coliseum redevelopment deal including lack of public engagement and intricacies of TIF district zoning

Justin Griffin column: The proposed arena project fails to reflect Richmond values


An opinion article focused on the Navy Hill redevelopment project, questioning if this project upholds Richmond’s values.

Jack Berry column: Proposal can transform tourism in RVA


An opinion article written by the President and CEO of Richmond Region Tourism discussing the financial benefits the Navy Hill redevelopment project may produce.

New Coliseum project ‘almost certainly a mistake’

Richmond Free Press│ September 13, 2019

An opinion article that discusses Navy Hill planning process missteps, concerns of tax increment financing, and comparisons of Navy Hill to other mid-size city’s arena projects.